Absolutely no dog  of ours will be mistreated or placed in an abusive home !

These are bullies a special breed type , not fighting dogs so look else where!

All dogs are raised amongst the most beloved thing

here at R.N.K, our children and family members.


UPDATED 09/20/12


Established in 1999

 Razors Nation is a family based group.

Proudly located in multiple spots across the Valley of

Central California. We can accommodate & service your bully communities needs.

Our dogs derive from alot of years of successful planned breedings of the American Pit bull Terrier & Staffordshire Terrier.

They have now evolved into a bullier structured dog which is now known as the American Bully Terrier.

A well balanced calmer dog but with just enough drive to keep up

with the loyal attitude we enjoy in these dogs.

We strive to produce the more Correct Clean Bully with extreme but normal traits.

Such as enormous blocky heads, wide chest, gyrthy, heavily structured with a lot of substance.

Without any restraint of the natural flow of movement.

 We use Razors Edge Bloodlines as our foundation....


We would like to thank Dave Wilson & many others

that participated in creating such a bloodline

with so many of its own recognizable traits and strength in consistency.

While staying within standards! Breedings are always done

with Temperament at the top of the list.

Other bloodlines used in occasional breedings.

Our dogs are U.K.C  & A.B.K.C Registered.


No dogs or puppies will be bred or sold for any illegal purposes..




Owner & Operator: Kynt & Rachel Rowell (559) 350-0512



                                                                   Razors Nation Family:                                                                  

Lupe & Rosemary Gamboa, Pelon & Vero Venegas, Ruben Venegas, R.I.P Mykee Venegas,

Joe & Anna Trevizo, Devin Phillips, David & Maribel Zimmerman, Decinda Allen,

Roger Vargas, Jesse Pineda, Joey ,Tina & Isaiah Sanchez,

Carlos, Andrea, Nick & Tate Calderon, Juan Aguilar, Jose Pena, Shane Shipman

And many other supporting friends....


We check our Emails daily!


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